Archbishop 2

Archbishop of Australia welcomes proposed lifting of voting restrictions on Greek Expatriates

Archbishop 2

His Eminence Archbishop Makarios of Australia welcomed the decision of the Greek Government to submit for public consultation the draft law entitled “Lifting of restrictions on the registration of foreign voters on the special electoral rolls” which will be forwarded to the Greek Parliament for voting.

The above-mentioned bill provides for the lifting of all restrictions as stipulated in the current Law (4648/2019) on the exercise of the right to vote by Greek citizens, who are either permanent residents abroad, or are abroad on the date of parliamentary elections, elections for the nomination of representatives to the European Parliament and or a referendum taking place in Greece.

In his statement, His Eminence Archbishop Makarios of Australia noted the following: “I wish to express my deep satisfaction for the implementation of the Greek Government’s promise to launch the universal possibility of exercising the right to vote for Greeks abroad, without terms and conditions, from their place of residence. I am sure that all our compatriots on the fifth continent and the Greek Diaspora as a whole welcome this legislative initiative with great enthusiasm. We expect the full support of the government proposal from all the parties of the Greek Parliament, so that a fair and timeless request of the Greeks of the Diaspora becomes a Law of the Greek State with the largest possible majority”.

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