Archbishop 2

Archbishop Makarios of Australia on the fires in Greece: “Our prayers are with the hero firefighters and volunteers”

Archbishop 2

His Eminence Archbishop Makarios of Australia, sends a message of support to the Greek people, those affected by the ongoing fires and the people who are making heroic efforts to limit the destructive consequences of the fiery blaze, through his post on Instagram.

“Our hearts are darkened as we watch the images of destruction from the ongoing fires in our beloved homeland and especially on the suffering island of Rhodes”, His Eminence Archbishop Makarios first notes, while pointing out that “Our pain is mitigated by the fact that no human lives have been lost despite the nightmarish conditions that have been caused.”

“However, our heartbreak remains deep for our compatriots who have lost their properties and possessions, and for the incalculable ecological destruction that has been wrought”, adds His Eminence.

Lastly, in his message, Archbishop Makarios emphasises: ” Our prayers are with the heroes of the firefighting forces, the volunteers and those who are selflessly fighting the blaze. May our God bless and strengthen them all.”

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