Police Force Chaplaincy

The mission of Police chaplains is to provide spiritual, welfare and pastoral support to police officers, retired police and their families. Police Chaplaincy is an important part of the support network for officers, both on the job, and off duty. Working with officers requires a great understanding of loss and what it means for someone to be going through a period of intense grief.

Corrective Service Chaplaincy

Prison chaplains provide spiritual and pastoral care, and religious guidance to inmates in jails as well as staff of correctional centres. They assist people in crisis and minister to a broad range of pastoral concerns associated with the correctional environment. A chaplain is a listening, caring and familiar figure who gives comfort and encouragement.

University Chaplaincy

The University Chaplaincy service attends to the spiritual well-being of students as well as its staff. The pursuit of a higher education and the forging of career pathways is a challenging process that involves deep reflection about one’s purpose, values and relationships.

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