University Chaplaincy

The University Chaplaincy service attends to the spiritual well-being of students as well as its staff. The pursuit of a higher education and the forging of career pathways is a challenging process that involves deep reflection about one’s purpose, values and relationships. Chaplains aim to provide spiritual support and pastoral care to staff and students by working through spiritual concerns, providing advice, and creating opportunities for people of the same Orthodox faith to connect.

They promote and nurture an Orthodox culture on campus by holding regular gatherings for students as well as providing outreach services such as at orientation week and at other specially organised events.


University of Sydney

Rev. Gerasimos Koutsouras

University of Macquarie

Rev. Andrew Joannou

University of NSW

Rev. Athanasios Giatsios

University of NSW

Dr. Socrates Dokos

University of Western Sydney

Rev. Demetrios Kokkinos (Parramatta Campus)

University of Western Sydney

Rev. Peter Protopsaltis (Bankstown/Milpera Campus)

University of Western Sydney

Rev. Sotirios Papafilopoulos (Penrith Campus)

University of Western Sydney

Rev. Nectarios Ioannou

University of UTS

Rev. Stavros Ivanos


University of Melbourne

Rev. Efstathios Papadopoulos

University of Melbourne

Rev. Chris Dimolianos

University Of Monash

Rev. John Stavrinidis

University Of La Trobe

Very Rev. Elias Kentrotis


Rev. Athanasios Triantafyllou


University Of Adelaide

Rev. John Psalios

University of South Australia

Rev. John Scherstobit

Flinders University

Rev. Panayiotis Photakis


Queensland University, Griffith University

Very Rev. Dimitri Tsakas
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