Archbishops Message

Archbishop’s Message

Dear friends of the internet, It is a pleasure to welcome you to the revamped, in both quality and aesthetically, website of the Holy Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia.

Undoubtedly, the internet has evolved into a valuable tool that facilitates our daily lives, in almost all aspects, acting as an inexhaustible “reservoir” of knowledge and as a channel of direct information and communication, connecting people from every corner of the earth.

However, we must not overlook the fact that the “digital world”, no matter how “magical” it may seem to us, often carries serious risks and “pitfalls”, especially when the internet is used recklessly, indiscriminately or with overwhelming frequency. For this reason, the challenge that is set before us is to follow the new paths of technology with care, prudence and responsibility and choosing, once again, good instead of bad; the essential instead of the non-essential; the useful instead of the harmful; truth instead of falsehood.

Within this context, our local Church is utilising modern technology to strengthen its voice and, as always, to proclaim the truth, offering to the Christ-loving flock a safe and reliable means of information and communication.

The visitor of this website can be fully, reliably and continuously informed about interesting topics, as well as about the history, current activities and the various beneficial works of our Holy Archdiocese, as well as the holy parishes, the sacred monasteries and the organisations operating under its umbrella throughout Australia.

I invite you to browse our website, to meet our worthy bishops and hardworking clergy who minister with love and self-sacrifice, here in the Antipodes, and to feel free to contact us, no matter how far away you are.

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