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A delegation of the newly established Parish of Darwin visits Archbishop Makarios of Australia

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On Wednesday, 15 March 2023, His Eminence Archbishop Makarios of Australia, had pleasure to welcome to the headquarters of the Holy Archdiocese of Australia, in Sydney, the Parish Priest and a delegation of the Parish Council of the newly established Greek Orthodox Parish of the city of Darwin in the Northern Territory.

Specifically, His Eminence was visited by Father Christos Tsoraklidis, the first priest of the newly established Parish, which is honoured in the name of Saint Savvas the New of Kalymnos, and, on behalf of its Parish Council, Mr. George Alexopoulos (Vice-President), Mr. Ioannis Mousellis (Vice-President) and Mr. Drosos Kourounis (member and architect by profession).

The purpose of their visit was to receive the blessing of their Shepherd in view of the difficult mission they are undertaking to carry out the procedures for the construction of the new Holy Church, in the Palmerston area. In addition, they presented the architectural plans of the Holy Church under construction and provided detailed relevant information to the Archbishop.

A fruitful and constructive discussion followed, after which His Eminence Archbishop Makarios approved the prepared plan, thanked all the contributors for the efforts they have already made, while he appealed to them to continue with the same pious zeal, wishing God to bless them, enlighten them and strengthen them in their efforts.

It is reminded that until the construction of the Holy Church of Saint Savvas the New of Kalymnos, Divine Services for the members of the newly established Parish will be held at Mackillop Catholic College (285 Farrar Boulevard, Johnston). In fact, the first Divine Liturgy is to be celebrated on Saturday, 25 March 2023.

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