The Greek Orthodox Board of Education is the central body which represents the day schools of our Archdiocese around Australia, providing a strong voice in issues of shared interest.

It functions under the Patronage and Presidency of our Primate, His Eminence Archbishop Stylianos, and is Chaired by His Grace Bishop Seraphim of Apollonia.

The GOBE enjoys the collaboration of our Colleges and has the authority to determine the religious, spiritual, cultural, and organizational standards which our Archdiocese expects in the mission of education.


The Board confers and provides advice for the coordination across Greek Orthodox Archdiocesan Schools within the following areas:

  • Orthodox Studies
  • Modern and Classical Greek language
  • Promotion of the ethos, phronema and values of Greek Orthodox Schools
  • Coordination of response to relevant issues, providing a National voice to our Sector
  • Promotion of common advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Professional development of staff through St Andrew’s Theological College

The Board is comprised of the following representatives of each Day School:

  • Parish Priest
  • Parish President
  • School Principal


Orthodox Studies

  • Review programmes related to Orthodox Studies within a Primary and Secondary context.
  • Develop programmes for use at all Archdiocesan Day Schools.
  • Provide professional development to teachers of Orthodox Studies.

Professional Development

Through St Andrew’s Theological College, provide Courses for

all educators in Orthodox Schools on a Christ-centred approach

to education based on theologically informed values.

Greek Language Studies

  • Develop positive public awareness of the teaching of Modern Greek within Archdiocese Schools.
  • Enhance the status of both Modern Greek and Classical Greek studies in each State.
  • Regularly advertise and publish notable student work and events through the media.
  • Conduct Workshops for Coordinators and relevant Staff to ensure Programmes and Resources are developed and implemented effectively.
  • Publicly recognise and award students achievement in collaboration with other key bodies and stakeholders.
  • Provide professional development to teachers of Modern and Classical Greek.

Promotion of Orthodox Education

Coordinate the promotion of Orthodox Education through written and

social media as a united Sector, still maintaining individual schools’

identities within the umbrella of Orthodox Education as a whole.

  • Determine and approve the participation of our Archdiocese Schools in any community events.

National Voice

Provide advocacy on behalf of Orthodox Schools in promoting their interests as a Sector, particularly in issues affecting levels of government policy and funding.

Review & Assessment of All Proposals for Future Parish Day Schools

  • Parishes across Australia must be made aware that all proposals for establishing future Day Schools are required to be forwarded to the Archdiocese Board of Education for Review & Assessment at least three years prior to commencement.
  • All proposals will be assessed to ensure current and future demographics, financial viability, and impact on existing schools is analysed, to indicate future sustainability.
  • Recommendations will then be made accordingly, based on the terms stated above, to His Grace and His Eminence.