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Mission Statement

St Andrew’s Orthodox Press seeks to publish academic and theological works as well as other historical, cultural and educational topics related to Orthodoxy for the benefit of the general public.

It is committed to the production of quality books, articles, electronic and audiovisual material that will communicate Greek Orthodox faith and culture to the widest possible audience.

Who are we?

St Andrew’s Press is a publisher, with primary responsibility for publishing materials for the Greek Orthodox Church of Australia, and St Andrew’s Theological College in particular.

It is an entity established by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia. It operates under the direction of the Editorial Committee comprising:

His Eminence Archbishop Stylianos – Dean of St Andrew’s Theological College.

His Grace Bishop Seraphim – Sub Dean

Dr Philip Kariatlis

Dr Guy Freeland

Dr John Lee

The Editorial Committee is responsible for approving any new task or direction of St Andrew’s Press. Once approved, contracts are subject to ratification and execution by the Board of Directors. All Faculty members of the Theological College shall formally be made aware of new publishing proposals and invited to comment on such proposals as they arise.

Reference Groups

The Publishing Director will convene Reference Groups at his discretion, to assist him in the development of materials.


To support the work of St Andrew’s Theological College in maintaining excellence in scholarly pursuits and communicating these to the Australian and worldwide community.

To produce publications that promote a deeper understanding of the Orthodox faith and Hellenic culture.

To produce materials that assist in the teaching and learning of the Orthodox faith in various levels of education.

To ensure that the history of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese and Greek Australians in general is accurately documented.

Sourcing materials

Manuscripts can be submitted by any interested persons, including teachers of religious education, and specialists in other areas that are in accordance with the purposes of the Press. In particular, Faculty members and graduates of St Andrew’s Theological College are encouraged to submit material on an ongoing basis.

Process of Submission

Manuscripts of the highest standard will only be considered for publication when submitted on computer disk.

It should also be noted that it is not the responsibility of the Press to prepare texts that are only partially complete or inadequately presented in terms of grammatical expression and layout. The role of the Press is instead to source material of suitable quality that is as close as possible to the final draft, as well as oversee the printing, marketing, distribution and sales of the same.

Upon acceptance, the author(s) of the work will sign an agreement outlining copyright and other arrangements.