Plea to abide by instructions concerning the pandemic by the Holy Archdiocese of Australia

The Holy Archdiocese of Australia was informed by the state authorities of NSW that the Holy Parishes of St Nektarios and Holy Cross in Wollongong have been included in the list of sites, which were visited by a person who tested positive to the coronavirus. 

We ask the faithful who attended the above churches during the mentioned times, namely: 

  • from 9 till 10:15am on Sunday, 27 December, at the Holy Parish of St Nektarios (39 Atchison St), and 
  • from 10:30 till 11:00am on Sunday, 27 December, at the Holy Parish of the Holy Cross (18 Stewart St),

to immediately get tested and then remain in isolation, awaiting further instructions from the relevant health authorities. 

With a sense of pastoral responsibility, we once again urge our Christ-loving people and all citizens, without exception, to faithfully follow the government’s regulations and instructions from the health experts for the protection of public health and to prevent the spread of the pandemic.